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Breaking News

Concord: Ash/Debris Cleanup Advisory

Last updated: April 24, 2018, 9:41 am

The large structure fire in Concord consisted primarily of construction materials (predominately wood). Residents should avoid direct contact and inhalation of ash/debris that was produced by the fire. Residents may use a mild soap and water to clean up ash/debris. To minimize dust generation, residents should consider lightly dampening ash/debris prior to commencing sweeping activities. Swept up ash/debris may be placed in a standard household trash receptacle. Any towels or cleaning materials should be rinsed in a sink that drains to a sanitation sewer. Residents should avoid washing or sweeping ash/debris into storm drains, as this will result in pollution accumulating in nearby creeks and rivers.

Care Management Department

Contra Costa Health Plan's Case Management Program works with members who need help managing their complex healthcare needs. Our goal is to promote good health by assisting you in getting the care you need. We can also refer you to community resources that may be helpful to you.

Who is a Case Manager?

The Case Management Program is a team of nurses and clinical social workers. Our team works together with you, your family and your primary care provider to achieve the best possible health outcomes.

Case Managers can help if you have:

  • Difficulty keeping medical appointments, taking medications as prescribed, and/or maintaining good nutrition
  • Frequent Emergency Room visits
  • Frequent hospital admissions or readmissions
  • Concerns regarding housing, transportation, lack of food or other issues which may negatively affect your health
  • Memory, mood, personality or behavior changes
  • Unstable medical conditions needing closer monitoring
  • Concerns about caring for yourself or your family member

How do I request a Case Manager?

Simply call the Case Management Program at 925-313-6887

* Members have the right to decline or discontinue case management services at any time.