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Inpatient Psychiatric Services

Inpatient Psychiatric Services provides 23 acute psychiatric beds serving persons over the age of 18 with acute behavioral health concerns. It is operated on a 24-hour basis, and admission to the inpatient unit can be either on a voluntary or involuntary basis. The unit is staffed with nurses, physicians, social workers, and occupational therapists, and provides care aimed at helping patients recover in a supportive environment.

We provide our patients with structure, psychotherapy and support groups. In addition to psychiatric services, an internist visits the unit daily to address general medical concerns.

We welcome family members, friends, and support persons on the unit, and recognize them as important partners in care.

Treatments and Services Offered

The following types of treatment are offered and incorporated into individualized plans for patient care:

  1. Comprehensive Evaluation: Diagnostic work-up, psychological testing, evaluation of patient strengths/needs, assessment of psychosocial factors (family, financial, vocational, and educational), and task behavior assessment.
  2. Psychotherapy: Individual, group, and family.
  3. Activities Therapy: Art, music, movement, self-care, occupational therapy, and other specialized groups including 12-step programs.
  4. Recreation: Sports, exercise, dance, indoor games, social events, music.
  5. Medication: As indicated and determined in partnership with the individual patient's treatment team.
  6. Education: Self-care, medication, money-management, family education, symptom awareness and management.
  7. Discharge Planning and Placement: Discharge planning is an essential part of our work with individuals and care providers and begins from the time of admission.
  8. Medical and Physical Health Evaluation: Treatment and care as indicated by individual patient need.

Phone Numbers

Mental Health Advice: 1-888-678-7277
Hospital Administration: 925-370-5100
Chief Psychiatrist: 925-370-5713
Nurse Program Manager: 925-370-5318
Psychiatric Services 4C: 925-370-5389
Psychiatric Emergency Services: 925-646-2800