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Mental Health Commission

According to the California State Welfare and Institutions Code, at least 50% of each Commission must be comprised of consumers and family members. In establishing the Mental Health Commission, the Board of Supervisors ensured Contra Costa County would exceed this minimal requirement by established that one-third of the seats would be Consumers, one-third Family Members and one-third others who had a knowledge and/or interest in mental health issues. There are three seats in each of the five Contra Costa County supervisoral districts:

  1. Consumer Representative (a person who is receiving or has received mental health services);
  2. Family Member (a person who has a family member who is receiving or has received mental health services);
  3. Member-at-Large (a person who has an interest in and knowledge of mental health issues).

Would you like to become a member of the Mental Health Commission?

Those interested in becoming members of the Commission may contact the Commission office at 925-313-9553 and request an application, or they may contact their District Supervisor. Their applications are forwarded to the Member of the Board of Supervisors where the applicant resides. The Supervisor will make the final decision regarding appointment to the Commission.

Job Description

  1. Function as an active and responsible member of the Mental Health Commission and attend the monthly Commission meetings
  2. Participate in the deliberations and decisions of the Commission
  3. Act as an official representative of the Mental Health Commission in advocating for local mental health services.
  4. Commit a minimum of 15 hours per month to Mental Health Commission activities.