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Convenient, Secure Online Access to Your Medical Information

myccLink is our online patient portal that allows you to securely access portions of your medical record on the Internet. With myccLink, patients and Contra Costa Health Plan members who receive their primary care at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center & Health Centers can:

Schedule Appointments*
No need to wait on hold. Make an appointment online to see your primary care provider. You can also cancel appointments.

Send non-urgent messages to your primary doctor and primary care team*
You don't need an appointment to communicate with your doctor. Expect a response within three business days.

Get your test results online
No need to wait for a phone call.

Request a prescription refill*
Ask your doctor to renew a prescription when you're out of medication.

Quick and easy access to trusted health resources on the Internet.

And that's not all. With myccLink, you can also review your immunizations, medications, allergies, discharge summaries from Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, access trusted health education resources and more. MyccLink is secure—we take great care to ensure your information is kept protected and private.

For more information about myccLink and how to sign up, talk to your county health provider's office. You can also call our toll-free support number at 1-844-6CCLINK (1-844-622-5465) or email

*Only patients who have a primary care doctor at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center (CCRMC) & Health Centers have access to the full menu of myccLink features. Other patients, including Contra Costa Health Plan members who receive their primary care through the Community Provider Network, will not be able to use all of myccLink's features such as emailing doctors and requesting prescription refills. These patients can, however, still view results for tests done at CCRMC and discharges from CCRMC.